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Expertise in a Package: A Consulting Blog

4 Key Reasons To Invest In Equity Professional Development For Teachers

by Carmen Fisher

While today's society is strong on equality among communities, it has not brought equity to all life facades, including education. Equality in the education system makes education resources available to all students in equal measure. But equity provides resources in proportion to a student's needs so that all disadvantaged students can catch up to more privileged students. Equity professional development for teachers is crucial in schools in different ways:

Reduce Hidden Biases

Teachers are just like other people in society; they might have the same prejudices in society. However, teachers are held to a higher standard because they are in charge of molding young minds.

Equity professional training helps them identify these biases in themselves and the education environment and understand how they impact their work. Teachers who undergo this development can realize biases they may not realize they practice. This revelation helps them combat biases better in the learning environment.

Reach Out to Students

A school can provide learning resources to all students equally, but some students will still lag because of some inherent disadvantages. For example, students from a poor background cannot research their assignments properly at home because of a lack of internet access.

Equity professional development for teachers helps reach out to students who are held back by disadvantages, including economic, racial, and religious biases. They can then channel more resources to these students to help them catch up and be equal with students with more privileges.

Increased Student Engagement

There is a risk of students disengaging from the learning process if they feel they do not fit in. As a result, they perform poorly and sometimes drop out. Unless these biases are uncovered, students from less privileged backgrounds continue to lag behind.

Equity professional development for teachers increases student engagement in class because teachers can work out more inclusive teaching practices. These practices include teaching curriculums with considerations to cultural and religious beliefs.

It makes students feel recognized and respected. Improved engagement in class translates to better class performance, higher school attendance, and brighter prospects in education.

Improve Societal Interactions

Equity professional development for teachers has a bigger impact on society. Teachers can sensitize students to hidden biases and how they play out in society. These young minds are likely to take these lessons to heart and practice them actively. As a result, these students become champions for a more equitable society.

Would you like to see more active anti-bias measures in your learning institution? Talk to an education consultant, such as Dr. Shawn Joseph, about equity professional training for teachers.