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Expertise in a Package: A Consulting Blog

Common Warehouse Problems That Good Management Software Can Solve

by Carmen Fisher

Running a warehouse is a pretty involved endeavor with a lot of moving pieces. It's hard to juggle everything when you have multiple shipments coming in and going out each day. However, good management software, like NetSuite or a similar application, can actually solve a lot of the problems your warehouse comes up against on a regular basis—including the following.

Human Error in Records

If you are still keeping paper records, then they are prone to human error. An employee may enter a shipment on the wrong line so that the next person who looks at the books doesn't see it. They may accidentally write down that you received 47 pallets instead of 74. When you use warehouse management software, there is less human error to worry about. Yes, someone could still make a mistake when entering data, but if the number entered is too abnormal, the system will bring it to their attention. A lot of records will also be maintained and updated automatically, so there won't be human mistakes made there.

Data Not Available

A common challenge in a warehouse is that you want or need to see certain compiled data, but that data is not available without someone spending a lot of time to compute it. For instance, maybe you want to know how many pallets, on average, you received per day last month. Someone could sit down and calculate this, but it will take a while. Alternatively, warehouse management software automatically calculates this and other key parameters. With the click of a mouse and maybe a few keystrokes, you can have whatever stats you need to make a decision.

Too Much Paperwork to Store

A warehouse is a busy, bustling place, and there are a lot of records to keep. When paper records get too abundant, they start taking up lots of space, and you have to dedicate time and energy to keep them organized. Then, when you need to find some information, you may need to sort through multiple filing drawers to find it. Warehouse management software eliminates the need to store all of this paperwork. You can have a cleaner, more organized office space once you go digital.

If you run a warehouse that is still stuck in the low-tech days, it's time to look into software options. A good system will solve many of the challenges you face on a regular basis. Contact a company about options, such as NetSuite warehouse management systems.