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Expertise in a Package: A Consulting Blog

Having A New Commercial Property Constructed? Consult With Fire Protection Engineers

by Carmen Fisher

Are you investing money into having a commercial property constructed? You may plan to use this property for several things, including retail space and apartments that tenants can rent each month. Although you probably already have a vision of what you want the building to look like and you have likely already met with architects, you need to make sure that you are meeting with fire protection engineers, too. Creating a safe environment for everyone inside the building is a priority. If a fire did occur, you would want to have a way for everyone to get out of the building while reducing the impact that the fire would have.

Identifying Ways to Control a Fire

The fire protection engineer may first begin by identifying different ways to prevent a fire from spreading by keeping it under control. You would need to have a fire control system installed. The system may include sprinklers that get installed on the ceilings to pour water throughout the property when a fire occurs and alarms that would detect the presence of fire due to the smoke in the air. Various fire control methods are available. A fire protection engineer would discuss the options with you while providing recommendations that would help you have a safer building constructed.

Providing Details on How to Safely Exit the Building

A fire protection engineer can create an exit plan that everyone inside the building can follow if a fire does occur. When people find out that there is a fire in the building, they often panic and start running around in all different directions to attempt to get out of the building. However, mass panic creates unsafe and hazardous conditions where people can easily get hurt and stuck inside a burning building. You do not want that to happen to anyone. After reviewing the layout of the building, the fire protection engineer can go over the best ways to exit the building safely. You may then have fire safety exit directions printed and posted inside the building to make people aware of what they should do if there is a fire.

If you are in the process of having a commercial property constructed, meet with a fire protection engineer. Together, you can go over the different things that you will need to do to keep people safe when they are living in the building or even working there. The engineer will help you identify ways to control fire and get people out of the building as quickly and as safely as possible.